Old Boys’ vs First XI Hockey

On Friday August 18 th, we hosted the Annual Old Boys vs Grammar XI Hockey match. The game again this year was played in a great spirit. The old boys managed to scrap a win and continue their hold on the Archibald Cup. Dads were playing against son – Aaron vs Josh Armstrong, Uncles vs nephews with Mark Pooley vs Peter Hazard and Teachers vs Students.

It was great to be able to call on 3 current Auckland NHL squad members Ketan Hari, Johnny Bilkey and Joe Crookswho brought another level of ability to the game. It was great having the older old boys also come and play i.e. over 45’s Ash Ready, Peter Botting and Stu Clarke.

On behalf of the Old Boys’ thanks to the First Eleven for the game and Good Luck for the Rankin Cup in the near future.