Executive Committee

126 years ago in 1893, the Auckland Grammar School Old Boys' Association was launched, 30 years after the School was founded.

Its aim, to cement the strong links that were being forged between the School and the City of Auckland and to foster the friendships and connections that developed during school years.

The objectives of the Old Boys' Association remain much the same today and membership activity is currently going through somewhat of a rejuvenation as the internet makes it even easier to reconnect.

The 2019 AGSOBA Executive

Executive Members

President: Mr G A Trethewey '76. Treasurer: Mr M I McKinnon '59 QSM, Immediate Past President: Mr D Dickinson '84, Patron: Mr Tim O'Connor, Headmaster.

Mr P M Bunbury '90 - Mr G Graham '75 - Deputy Headmaster - Junior School, Mr P Morton - Mr M T O'Connell '04 - Mr W G Price '48 - Mr C R Pryor '87 - Mr B Dickson '78, Mr D Dickson '84, Mr S Barron '80, Mr A Dempsey '00, Mr B Smythe '91, Mr M Brown '51

D. Dickinson '84
G. Trethewey '76 President
S. Barron '80

B. Price '48M. McKinnon '59 QSMG. Graham '75

C. Pryor '87M. O'Connell '04
B Dickson '78

A. Dempsey '00B. Smythe '91M. Brown '51
  • Board of Trustees members: Mr G. Graham '75 and Mr B. Dickson '78
  • Headmaster's Council representative: Mr D. G. Dickinson '84
  • Board of Trustees Development Office sub-committee representative: Mr D. G. Dickinson '84 and Mr G. A. Trethewey '76
  • 150th Committee Representative: Mr D. G. Dickinson '84 and Mr G. A. Trethewey '76
  • Secretary: Ginny Trethewey